Jupiter – Biggest planet of our solar system is capable to engulf all the other planets of our solar system it.It`s magnetic field affects almost all planets.

Astronomically, we the inhabitants of earth are getting impact of this magnetic field too. Astrologically, depending upon the planetory positions placed at the time of our birth, decides the way different  magnetic  field going to affects us in our day to day life. Mechanically you can assume that our body is a machine which is designed and featured upon the planetory position was at time of birth, and reacts accordingly to the magnetic field which falls on it.

Jupiter, in astrology, represents knowledge and expansion. In India, we call it as ‘GURU’ means teacher, one who give us knowledge. As in hindu mythology, its called as “Vrihaspati”, guru of GODs. Even a day has been named as “guruvar”(Thrusday) in hindu calendar.

As I believe, its position in the natal chart decides the way its magnetic field going to affect an individual.Wherever in your natal chart it is placed, it will always gives good result. In simple term,

1st place (Lagna)- respect and honor

2nd place – wealth, voice

3rd place – good at communication

4th place – house build, mother relation, property expansion

5th -place – studious, good children

6th – govt job, win over enemy

7th – very nice spouse, business expansion

8th – occult knowledge

9th – makes religious, lucky, gets father attachment

10th – power at high position

11th – fame , success, profit from market

12 th – shiva blessing, expenditure on sacred thing


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