Tamil Time

Young bachelor and the first line of tamil to learn is …..any guess??

Ok it is– Naan unayi kadalikareen (I love you)..hehehhehhehe

Afterward when i noticed a tamil word from a girl mouth, made me surprise. And that is “CHUMMA”.Which we all know in hindi it means a KISS. But in tamil it means “Just like that NO”. 

Now how to say a girl, you looks beautiful…. of course to a tamil lady. Here it goes — “Romba Nalla Alahar Irrike”

Romba means Too (bahut in hindi)

Nalla Alaghar –  beautiful 

Irrike – it is (Hai in hindi)

Now PU+RI+CHEERAKK – means liking


Tamil Time&rdquo पर एक विचार;

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