This new year, I spent my day @ an orphanage and an evening with a new year celebration, at an old age home.

I met Rosy, who runs Christ Children Ministries, an orphanage. She has taken the initiative to take care of  orphans begging on streets.

At present, around 20 small children resides in Christ Children Ministries.

She runs the school “SHARADA VIDYA NIKETAN”, which she named on her school teacher Shardha.

At present the school cum orphanage runs in the slum area. She rented a house for school and orphange as well.

She recruited 3 full time school teacher for her school.

As there is no school nearby for the slum residents, they send their children for study to same school. So around 60 students are coming for study in school. Not only this, she also provides mid-day meals to them. 

I interacted with small children and found them much motivated with the work their AKKA(sister in telugu) is doing for them.

Few of them wish to do the same, what their Akka is doing, when they stand on their feet.

Rosy also runs an AIDS awareness for the Hijaras staying in the slum area.

As she found a case of leprosy in the slum, she started taking care of that old lady.

We met that old lady and acquainted with her problem. 

Rosy invited us for new year celebration party organized in Old age home scheduled for  evening.

That evening was performed by Somalian students on stage, to entertain the old age home resident.

 I greeted them on new year and introduced myself. On my request, Rosy asked them to present some song on stage.

And of our quite surprise, many of them volunteer to come o stage and re-live their old song and peoms. Few imitated NTR as well.

I interacted with Mrs. Sarla, 84 year old. She was a well known writer and she presented me her latest book on children.

We wrapped up with a walk around the old age home with Rosy and a promised to meet again.


Its tough for Rosy to manage all these. But she is doing all with faith in GOD. As she said, she started all this with an instruction of god and he will pave a path for her.



If you feel to contribute in running the orphanage, please do it:


Account no: 30280658840

Bank: State Bank of India, Seri Lingampally Branch, Chandanagar, Hyderabad


You can reach Rosy at : 9391358214

Her email id:



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