Mumbai Meri Jaan

A movie on serial blast took place in Mumbai, india in 2007 shows how it affected the common people of Mumbai.

5 different circumstances and people involved in them. How there thinking changes after blast and how come the same bring to right track with whole mumbai still running and paying tribute to them.

One watching the same reminded me on Mahatama Gandhi and his non-violence way.Gandhi always said, “Forgive your enemies always, thats the thing trouble him the most”.

Someone tried to create trouble in our society. The havoc ceated fear and anger among us, but still in India we, Hindus and Moslims, lives together as brother and sisters.

Businessmen never stop with that, they have to do their business and make full use of you.

Media which can make a society and destroy a society as well, are in hands of businessman going to any extent to make money and show on anything, they never care for your personel life.

The movie has shown the bloody face of media as well.

The story of a poor tea-seller is damn good and appealing one.He did the mistake because of unknown of the fact and consequences of the hoax he created, but realises the same and corrects his mistakes.

First half of movie is quite full of scenes unbearable to see.

But yes we need such movies to be displayed often to correct our Indian and bring back them on track.

We want some movies which can motivate our young generation, feeds good thought to present society and a dream in every indian to become a good citizen.

These cannot be fullfilled by showing off mallika sherawat kisses, Bipasa Basu jism or an item song

Indian cinema producers and directors have to change their thinking and the movie they made.

I dont know how much are they  aware of the impact of movie they make. 

This tool can totally change the thinking and behaviour of a society


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