After long time spend in selection and budget constraint, i reached to MacBook.

I bought my MacBook last week, its so cool that no words to define it.

Far and far better than windows. So many features and too good interface

Very easy to learn and use. I love to see Dock feature and everthing so cooly available on desktop no need to explore in deep further.

Now, how is bought it and configurations.


I took 2gb ram, 160 gb HD,2.4GHz intel core2Duo processore, 13.3 inch screen. I have installed Windows XP as well.

Macbook is offering 12% discount to students and college staff on macbook.

I bought it under that discount. It came around Rs.54400.

I suggest to go for black one, i bought white Apple Macbook. black one is scratchless and too good looking.

Do visit and call on toll free no and enquire about it for nearest authorised seller in your city. 

This student offer is till 30th August 2008.


MacBook&rdquo पर एक विचार;

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