Jaypee Group, simply too big

Jaypee Group is simply too big.

I have a good experience and exposure for the same.

I did my engineering from JIIT, NOida.

JIIT stands for Jaypee Institute of Information Technology.

College started under JayPrakash sewa sansthan Trust. Thats a dream of Mr. JaiPrakash Gaur.

I got the opportunity of studying as a first batch from JIIT.

I completed my engineering in Information Technology stream.


Four years that I spent at JIIT, gave me a great exposure of Jaypee group.

They are gaint and master in the business of construction. They havce carved niche for perfection in design and construction.

When i joined the college, only 1/5th part of the college was standing in front, with half part of admin and half of academic.

Whole college came into being fully constructed in front of us.

What ever they constructed, they examine it, at times, bring out perfection in it.


Apart from construction, Jaypee group is having great source of faculty to put in for study in college.

Most of them are  IIT and Roorkee ex-faculty.

We were fortunate enough to have learning from such great professore.

Jaypee group Chairman JaiPrakash Gaur took great personalities, to bring out a
good college.

Mr. JP Gupta, former AICTE member and from IIIT, Gwalior was appointed as Director.

Dean was Mr. Naveen Prakash, from NSIT, Delhi.

Administrative incharge was Mr. Kakkar, Former Delhi police commissoner.

Friday evening was scheduled for guest lecture from Corporate and IT sector.

Nasscom President Mr.Kiran Karnik also visited college.

On getting the deemed university status, while we were in third year, Dr. Arjun Singh visited the campus.


I got the chance to work for Jaypee group as a trainee in the end semester training.

I was among selected 15 students, by god grace, for training at JIL-IT.

JIL-IT stands for Jaypee Industires Limited- Information Technology.

JIL-IT makes software product for jaypee group different sectors, like cements, education, hospitality,computer based training for schools, etc.

JIT-IT having a good multimedia development section for CBT.

At that time, JIT-IT was headed by Mr. Alok Gaur.

Jaypee group also known for their hospitality. Hope you remember the summit took place in agra between Musharaf and Atal Ji. Thats took place at Jaypee Palace.
Jaypee group constructed the Taj Expressway.

They operate the construction of dam in India and outside as well.

Now also going to build some thing big from delhi to varanasi before the olympics Games 2010 begin, as scheduled in Delhi.
Initially Jaypee Group was knows as JaiPrakash Industries Limited.

Recently, they have launched Jaypee Power.

Before itself, there was 3 colleges under JaiPrakash sewa sansthan.

Namely, Jaypee Institute of Information technology, Noida.
Jaypee Institute of Engineering and technology, Guna,
Jaypee University of Information technology, Solan.

Now they have entered into Management study sector with Jaypee Business school, Noida.






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  1. I am a final year student of JUIT,Waknaghat and i witnessed their expertise in construction when we visited the Baspa and Karcham-Wangtoo Dam as a part of Industrial trip of Juit Ieee branch alongwith Prof. T.S.Lamba. And JUIT campus in itself a marvel, the 25 acre serene campus probably the one of its kind in the hills combined with excellent academic and other facilities. I am so lucky to be a student of JUIT.

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