National Anthem in small cinema theater

I visited a small cinema theatre near by my flat. Before the movie, begin 15 minutes where filled with advertisement.

Suddenly message appears on Screen, ” Please stand up in regard of our National Anthem”.

In next moment, all sitting on their comfortable chairs stood up for National Anthem.

This was my first experience in a movie theater, but really touching and filling courage in heart.

I  found few people sitting out there in the first row, as they could not found what appears on screen, as it was written in English.

But on viewing and listening the video, produced by Bharatbala production, they also stood up.

I wish such thing should be made complusory in all movie viewing theater. I am not saying to play it for every show. But at least for one show in a day.

Movie theater : Talkie Town, Miyapur, Hyderabad

Also known as ” Narshima – Krishana Theater” 


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