I exhorted for pakoda on a rainy evening.My mother gave me 6 rupee in hand to bring besan, for onion pakoda making.

It was rainy continuosly for past three days. Sitting in room made me bore.

I took my umbrella and was in way to shop, 15 minutes away from home.By that time it stopped raining.

An old woman of above 70 years of age, bent from her back, having a polythene bag in her hand, trying to move fast to reach home before it start to rain again.

I walked away on my way, leaving her back. 

It started drizzling by the time I was half km away from her. 

I thought of her and her old age and her struggle with rain.

I turned back and saw the old woman trying to each in shade of a tree to save herself. She was looking tired. I appraoched her and ask,"Where you want to go?".
She replied,"I have to go 1 km inside chauhatta".

Chauhatta is a crossing near by.

I said," Please come with me under umbrella, its started raining again".  

She blessed me with thousand words at that moment.

She told that she went to attend a satsang oraganised nearly 3 km away.

As I have to go till chauhatta, i requested a rickshawala to drop her till her home, in 
Rs 2, but he insisted on Rs.3 as of rainy day. 

Finally I agreed. 
That old woman was blessing me continuosly and I smiled and said good bye to her. 

I was back home with little of Besan, but lots of blessing.

On telling the same to mother, she blessed me too.

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