Save my Earth!!!!!

We all are celebrating Earth Day through out world today.

The great threat to our Earth is from Global Warming.

We all are discussing the same, as the scientist do. But not taking any step towards it.

We listen to news and read in papers the same everyday. But who has the time to take action,

all are busy in making money, making career, constructing buliding, watching and discussing

about the

trees cut down by the building constructors.

Those who cut tree, promise to plant new trees. But they don t know the new implanted tree

will take long years to do the same, as the present one tree is saving us.

We need a campaign to save our earth. OR  the end of this cycle of earth is near.

Can we bloggers join together to save our earth. I say, “Yes , we can”.

So lets initiate.


8 विचार “Save my Earth!!!!!&rdquo पर;

  1. Email from a small blue planet:
    Desperately seeking anyone willing to listen.
    This is mother earth calling humanity…is there anyone out there? Repeat…is anyone there?
    You have sacked my treasures, burned my kingdoms, soured my waters, maimed, injured and utterly laid waste my vast resources…
    Is anyone there…
    You have wreaked havoc on my sacred forests and set traps and snares to catch my prized animals. You have shot pure acid into my atmosphere and generated tons of toxic wastes that will not be diluted even a million years from now…my veins, the rivers of this planet are tainted with every poisonous thing known to man.
    Are you hearing me?
    You have put wealth and fast moving machines ahead of the sacredness of life and family, neglect, poverty and illness run unchecked through my humankind.
    You have justified wars without cause, and hatred without basis, you have turned a blind eye to the starving, the destitute, the old and the infirm. You have raise up generations that have no value for life, who see no sacredness even in the breath of their own parents or children, you have allowed the massacre of millions simply because they live in places you never heard of and have no interest in.
    Are you there? You can’t hide you know I hear your ever breathe! You can’t run away, you can’t escape the TRUTH of what you have done.
    I gave you speech in the hopes that you would become the keepers of my kingdoms and that you show respect to she who bore you, but no…now you have no use for me, you would rather play with your fancy machines, drive over my face in you pollution vehicles, watch endless hours of meaningless tripe on the Television, turn up the volume, turn out the fact, turn a blind eye…well, guess what you have put yourselves in danger!
    Ah, now I see you are listening…you didn’t like that did you? TRUTH hurts! Especially when you know that you should be doing something about it…some of the children are starting to awaken, they see clearly what is coming,
    This nice mother you have, this ‘little blue planet’ as you so fondly call me is very ill, any day now it will become apparent that either you all must begin to work to get me healthy or someone better find another place to live! There is no more time left to work on solutions, all of you should know what needs to happen, that is if you would take a good look around you,,, when was the last time you actually took a walk with nature? No I am not suggesting that you run out to one of those Natural Food places and start buying supplies, I am suggesting that you should go touch the face of this dear old mother of yours, feel the earth, look at your sky, see what you have done!
    Ah, are you uncomfortable? Too bad, so am I! My forest have been ruined and I need some fresh air, my rivers, lakes, oceans and streams are polluted and I desperately need fresh water. There are land fills bulging with your endless disposable this and that’s and quite honestly it makes it difficult for me to redistribute soil where it is so desperately needed.
    In once lovely Africa there is no safe place for many of my creatures, and in some places there not even the humans are behaving as if they had a brain.
    What is it going to take for all of you to take a day to just be with me, look at me, speak with me, and begin to dialogue with me in meaningful ways? Would the world as you know it come to an end if everyone just took a full 24 hours and tried to learn about all the things you could be doing individually to help me? Sorry lot of offspring you all are can’t even help out your old mom when she needs tending to!
    How much longer are you going to continue to let the haters of this world keep on making hate, how much longer are you going to pretend that everything is alright?
    • This is the letter of a desperate and albeit old woman, and I demand to know what you intend to do! Enough with meetings and reports, enough with organization and affiliations, enough with all of things that you think will work! How about this for an idea, everyone just sit down for one day and discuss what exactly you can do to help, before it is too late!

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