Train Talk

On this holi while i was on my way to home, i encountered with two japanese girl traveling on opposite birth, in the train. After had their trip to south india, they preceeded towards north india as New Delhi their next destination.

Both of them were enjoying there talk and journey. In the mean time, one them picked up a digital plam dictionary to translate the hindi word in japanese. They were  reading books on how to learn hindi from japanese.

They were quite amazed with the facilty provided in sleeper class for traveler. They noticed the water-can holder (where you can keep you water bottle), A small bag kind of thing to keep you magazines and towel inside.

Mostly, they were enjoyed with the services available in indian rail, both public and private one.

Public means continous catering from railway catering service. Private means guys entering and sell small small things in the sleeper class, like toys,samosa, cold drink, special food of the region train passes by.

Not only this, they even enjoyed packed-food and fruits available on different platforms.

The moment which amazed me most, was the needy service rarely one can expect in train is also available. That was, one of the traveller`s bag betrayed him. Bag`s chain had lost his property.

Now this man was operting on his bag and provided him with a new bag chain, which closed his bag properly. Only seeing that, these japenese girl were surprised and they found their small money carrying pouch, kept deep in their travel bag, whose chain had gone wrong. This is the time to correct it, both decided. The bag-maker talked in english with them and in the end both the japanese responded with ” Bahut Acha, dhanyawad”.


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