Sony Vaio CR-36, is an ultimate piece of beauty. It comes in ultimate decent color of black.

Configuration is too good, 2GB RAM, 200 GB hard disk(its comes 176GB around, rest used in cache and all).

CR models comes in 14.1 inches only. Performance wise its too good.

Vaio cr-35 with same configuration comes in differernt colors of white, red, pink, brown(with leather finish),black.

As per seller, RED and Pink are more in demand in the market.

Both have same price, only difference of finger print reader present with CR-36.

I went to whole sale market and get to know about the price as 52500 INR (if you pay cash) else 53700 INR on credit card.

My flatmate wish to have that before he go forward with his married life 🙂

Wo kahete hai na, Lakshmi ke aagaman ke pehle ki  tayari 🙂

Only thing is it cost bit more than other laptops.

But one thing i do appreciate with vaio is of its distinct key feature.

I saw many people came for replacement of keys on their laptop. Some have one or two or more keys out of keyboard.

Anyway, vaio worths in many ways. And of course, as your STYLE too 🙂


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  2. Bought laptop for my wife and she absolutely loves it. Bought from Tech for Less through Amazon. It was refurbished and shows very slight signs of use. Had no troubles at all with any operations ran and so far is a very reliable machine. I would use it myself but I can’t get over the pink. Extremely fast load times and beautiful display. More than enough HD space for her and she loves the layout of keyboard and ease of operation.

    Would definitly recommend Sony Vaio to anyone and also the site They were very accurate on their description of product and shipping was very prompt.

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