IndiBlogger`s Meet @ Hyderabad

Around 60 bloggers turned up to attend the blogger`s meet conducted by IndiBlogger @ Microsoft, hyderabad premises.

I was much inquisitive about this meet. I was hoping that some kind of initiatives, they would have planned to take out, or some kind of agenda to discuss out here.

On a positive note, it happened to be interactive session among bloggers. More live than virtual blogging 🙂

One minute of fame was one of the part of the session where each one of us have to introduced their blog and there respective URLs.

On negative note, the meeting serves no purpose as such rather than social  interaction among day to day bloggers.But the negativity is bit low on note of positivity of social interaction.

Few have just started blogging a day before joining this meet.

Now, the inspiration behind blogging for most was on seeing there friend`s blog. For few was  there girlfriends. Some blog to post job requirement, some for rumour, some on college life, on photo blog, on girls, on global warming and many more.

The striking question on mind was, why the meet at Microsoft ???

Well answer is quite simple — to promote their beta version of blogging tool “Windows Live Writer”. Quite good one for offline blogger.

Its a free downloadable tool to write offline blog.

Rest at the meet was  dinner in shape of pizzzas.  

I hope  such meet should come out with innovative ideas  to give blogging a new shape in near future.


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