जोधा-अकबर (Jodha-Akbar- A royal love story)

Hats-off to the director Ashuthosh Gowariekar, to pick up a rare love story lying
deep in the heart of history.

Read in history, Jodha was Akbar`s wife and she was a rajput princess.But no question comes further or strike even on mind.

I hope the impact of this marriage might have brought many changes in Akbar life
and his way of thinking.

The marriage was an amalgation of two different culture.This might have helped him in
understanding india and indians very closely.This would have definitely impacted this thought.

Akbar, like other intruders in India, might have thought of fullfilling his purpose of
increasing his kingdom and wealth. But this was not only his motive as history represents.

Now the question is what made him to rule in india in a prosperous way. Was the marriage with Jodha, a turning point or was his affection towards india as his birthplace.

About movie Jodha-Akbar, truly classic and without much of mirch masala. Hritik looks as good as Akbar and royal posture truly suits him well.

Aishwarya, a real princess portrait.

Movie is as simple as love of Jodha and Akbar. Need to keep your skeptic mind aside to watch the movie.

Best part of the movie:

> Song Kwaja ji
> Jodha cooks rajputana food for akbar
> Jodha adamant on not coming, while akbar apologizes
> and many more to see🙂

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13 comments on “जोधा-अकबर (Jodha-Akbar- A royal love story)

  1. Rewa says:

    Hi Ami,

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and droping a comment there!

    hmmm…I just saw this muv last week and I liked it. Ek aur part mujhe bahut achhi lagi when Akbar eats food from the same plate which left by jodha after tasting!🙂

  2. Ami says:

    Hi Rewa,

    Jodha Akbar ka wo scene to sahi mein lajawab hai🙂

  3. souvik says:

    In Jodha-Akbar, two of the most popular actors and actresses of the present period namely Hrithik and Aiswariya have played the role of Akbar and Jodha. Both have matured level of understanding and had done very well in the film.

  4. devendra says:

    hey plz send me my email in full story in jodha akbar

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