My latest love is for Himalayas.

Everyday am getting an urge to  see the himalayas through my naked eyes.

I can feel its hugeness and greatness on urging for it.

Its a great miracle or a gift for Indians.

It saves us from chillest  siberian waves and also from our one sided neighbour China, who get no qualms in creating trouble for us.

Greatest gift of holy river ganga, nuturing the plains of india.

It saves  no. of different kind of species under its protection, which are about to extinct.

Its a favorite place of rishi-munis (sages) in India. They are most frequent visitor of himalayas than  honeymoon couples.

As per ayurveda, Himalayas can provide medicine for all kind of disease.

There are lots of secrets behind its existence. I hope very few got reveal.

These are  mere things we know about himalayas. I hope more to get reveal, once we visit it.

Global warming at present is a great threat to this natural beauty. Not only Global warming, Great China ,who wishes to make a road to himalayas. God knows who come such ideas come in poeple mind. how come they do this.

There is great poverb in Hindi :” Khali dimaag shaitan ka ghar” mean

“Empty mind, devils house” 

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