Saawariya, based on novel ” White Nights”.

Story is simple and cute,a short love story of a guy.

The whole movie is in night background and looks like in Dreamy World.

The view of small city drawn in the movie is awesome. After all the columbia pictures has given their nice touch on creating it out.

Rabir Raj(Ranbir Kappor), a guy comes to small town as night club rock singer. While preparing for his first song in night, he meets Gulab(Rani Mukherjee).
Gulab who enjoy her night with late night drink. she likes him and starts calling her as ” Sawariya”, because of the first song he sang was sawariya
title song in the club.

One night he meets a beautiful lady, Sakina, as standing on a small brdige, crying and waiting for someone.
He helps her in getting back to her room and soon they become friends. He started loving her, but very soon he comes to know that she is waiting
for her love (Salman Khan )to come and take away with him,as they decided to meet on eed night.

Guy gets disheartened, but still hopefull till the end that sakina would be her for life. But the end is quite different, as not expected.

Salman khan in special appearence, but i dont hope Rani in special appearnece as most of the times she got her role in between.

Ranbir kapoor looks quite handsome, where Sonam Kapoor is toooo gorgeous and simply awesome.
Her acting is mature enough.

Movie “Black” most favourite seen is repeated in the movie, yes snow falling one.

After all one can see the picturization and say its Sanjay Leela Bhansali`s directed movie.


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