Ponmudi Trip

On a very weekend, we the group of 35 people arranged a volvo for Ponmudi trip.

Ponmudi is a small hill station about more than 100 km from Trivandrum.

Trip was quite interesting, as full of natural beauty all around on the way.

We started by 9 am and reached the middle way by 12 pm. Ponmudi was visible to us from there as it was vey high on the hill.

we had hour lunch and planned for the waterfall nearby. The way was quite slippery and narrow, up and high too. we all enjoyed the trekking.
After covering 2 km, we reached, the middle of small forest with a beautiful waterfall.

Water was so pure and cold.Some of guys enjoyed bath, while rest enjoyed splashing water all around and having photography sitting on to the rock in the middle of water.

Girls faced little problem while passing those dangerous way to waterfall.
But guys were quite smart as they took the responsibilty to hold the hand and walk in a group of three.

we were back to bus by 3 and moved for ponmudi.

The way was serpentine and also taking height on way to hill. Few felt dizzy and at last one vomitted. But everything was ok.

Looking down the valley from bus was amazing.

We reached the top by 4:30 pm.

By that time, view from the top was awesome. Too cold and the hill surrounded by clouds all around. Greenry everywhere, along with the friends
cracking different kind of jokes made the environment full of joy.

We all enjoyed alot there with the natural beauty, calm and peace all around.


Ponmudi Trip&rdquo पर एक विचार;

  1. Hi 🙂
    My name is Jagadeesh from Trivandrum,doing Mphil in Tourism and my project topic is
    Destination Developement – Ponmudi
    I saw a comment in Ur blog while googling as
    “Ponmudi is a small hill station about more than 100 km from Trivandrum.”
    Let me correct u dat ponmudi is exactly only 62kms from Trivandrum district. 🙂
    with regards


    With LooOoooOoOOovvvVVveeEeEeeEee
    JaaAAaAAaaaAggGGggGuuUuUuuuu 🙂

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