parseInt — Javascript

I was quite comforatble after the development got over. UAT was also done well.

But yesterday a user from Kolkatta raised a bug from the UAT url before it goes for production.

Bug was related to validation problem….. i was quite surprised to see such error.

values are coming correct but on checking the comparision its returning true

case look like this:


if(val2>val1) // returning true here (how can this be possible???)

if the value of val2 is more than 3 and less than 9 …… its throwing the validation error

nothing was getting in to my mind

then i realised that the value i am taking from form is the string value, where as i am comparing with int value.

On searching google i found a URL :

Mentioned there about : parseInt ( )

“JavaScript provides a very simple function just fit for our intended use. The signature is quite simple:

var myInteger = parseInt (aString); ”

And this solved my problem at last.

But not so yet…………… i found something relativly good while exploring the site.

The site contains so many good thing relative to almost all field.All you need to explore it once.


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