God`s Own Country – Kerala

By God`s grace, i got the opportunity to have 45 days in his own country.

Its a real beauty and peace all around his country.Full of coconut trees aligned in proper way creating a rythmic beauty all aournd.

I stayed in a tourist room along with 30 member who all joined along with me for the traning session of 45 days in Trivandrum.

At first we visited velly beach and had a nice time with all in the evening. We all were from North as well as from South India. Very soon we got mingled with each other.Three of them were from kerela itself and mentioned us about all the tourist places in kerala.

On weekend, usually we arranged for the company bus, to have trip to all places in Kerala.

Our next exciting experience was of christmas celebration in trivandrum. We decided to go for the famous church there. I was quite excited as i never before saw a Chruch from inside.

When we reached its was over crowed, but our enthusiam made us to enter and have a look for the prayer going on inside. The church was the oldest, but still glowing its beauty. we stayed there for an hour and got back to our pavallion.

But in the way we made up our mind to have visit to that church once again on any weekend or holiday.

The road of Trivandrum was quite short but cleaned and covered with  natural beauty surrounding by.

It was winter time when i was there, but we need a single blanket, only in the early morning. Otherwise for the whole days the climate is mild and sweaty sometimes, little bit. 

i love to get up ealry in the morning around 5:30 am to have a look of the sun coming out from the back of cocunut trees spreaded far around.

Everyday we got our company bus to pick up @ 7 am in the morning. We(along with my roommates) got ready by 6:30 am and spent half an hour outside roaming around the area near to our tourist house. we like to explore the streets near by to it and like to see the beautiful houses of different shape but all having one thing common, the roof architecture.

every house were so good looking that i can`t explain in words.If you see it once, you want to have it same as one. 


God`s Own Country – Kerala&rdquo पर एक विचार;

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