31Dec 2005 @ Kanyakumari

Last day of 2005,31Dec.      4225.jpg

I was at kanyakumari. End point of India(in south) and the meeting point of three big gaint (Indian Ocean,Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal).

On the first view from the bus, its look horrible and Scary.

It was Blue all around.

First we all planned to go for kanykumari Temple which is on the rock surrounded by ocean all around.

That was the place where Swamy Vivekanand did meditation for a week and got enlightened.( if i m correct??)


while in the way to that temple it was my first experince on the sea boat. It  was moving up and down as of the flow of sea.

Meanwhile i was talking to my colleague, a splash of water went inside my mouth and i got the taste of the salty sea water.

we all(our group of 30 ) enjoyed and had lots of photography there.

coincidently i met my colleage friend Anubha there, she was accompanied by her group.

We all got back by 5:30 from that site and it was just half an hour left to the last sunset of the year 2005.

I along with my friends ran towards the SUNSET VIEW point which was 2 km from there.

Just before the 5 mintues left to it we took the ticket and ran like anything to reach for the top.

But till that time top 3 floors were filled. We stood on the 4 floor and had our last 10 minutes of sunset.

Then we came down and accompanied  our group and had some time spent near the beach till dark.

In night we enjoyed the night market and did little bit of shopping as well as had our dinner.


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