A Year Done By

 yellow roses

Again a New  Year is going to come. Deducting time from the life span of each and every living being on earth and as well as of earth itself( Thats 

Negative thnking!!!!!!!!!!!)

Again new resolutions to make and also to re-make of the few old ones.

As the year end comes,its more or like the deadline of the task  coming to end.

Looking back into the past one year spent and finding what all we did and what all we faced in it.

How much we matured in a year and how much we changed in a year.

If there would not be any New Year kind of thing, then hopefully no one would  have the time to see the past  and to figure out ,when – what happened

in life.
Ok so lets come and analyse the COMING NEW YEAR 2007 numerically.


 So as per nuemrology  its 2+0+0+7=9 ……… lucky number as per numerology in numerology.

Addition of any no. to 9 results into SAME.like 5+9=14=1+4=5.

Number 9 represents MARS. So may be a year of courage, success(positively) and would be of war and quarrel(negativly).

A year done by a few new thing…. i started writing blogs. As i found a good blogging site after long search and ofcourse the interset arises to write at

My New Year to all I know and also to  who all  i Dont know.

A Very Happy New Year to WE THE PEOPLE on earth.


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