I would like to thank to all the member of T108 to have a great time altogheter in Trivandrum for 45 days 🙂
Every single moments spent toghether are rememberable for lifetime and even after that.

Every thing is still fresh like the first day of ILP, 19th dec 2005.

How can i forget that day, the first girl whom i had Talk was our TUBELIGHT.

She ordered me, not even requested, to please look after these two seats i will be back soon.(Actually requested 🙂 )
I did that and when she was back she totally forgot where to sit. 🙂

Hope you all would share small expereinces of ILP and ofcourse of ASHISH TOURIST HOME.

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2 विचार “T-108&rdquo पर;

  1. Very true Yaar…………

    ILP was one of the finest times of my life……….
    Full of fun n sorrows……….. evertythng is still fresh right here…….. inside my heart…….. n i wont forget people from T108………

    No matter where i go….. i’ll a;ways be there for the people of T108………
    For T108—– Whenever u guys need ny help…… Do remember ur CR will always be there………

  2. Very True Ami……..

    We all had a very nice time even in classrooms. all the faculty admired on the co-operation n unity we had . That was a great moment.The games we played in the classrooms was really fun.Passing the ball, closing the eyes and forming an alphabet… like this many….

    Acting like a machine. train, car, washing machine. that was the great pleasurable moment in life.

    Coming to the week-end trips…. I remember munshi( Our Aklesh) used to collect money for the trips… commanding everyone.

    I missed the ponmudi trip. except that I came to all the trips. kovalam beach—> I don’t know whether everyone remember this… we had a nice anthaksari( song) game in the van . northy guys sung hindi song n south Indian continued with Tamil song Keeping Sumitha.cr as the judge. That was really fun….

    The best part of my life is the days with t108.I loved the unity we had without making any difference in states where we are from .

    The most memorable day is the last day.where each n every t108 had tears in eyes…..

    for t108—-> true friendship never had an end. It will be there till our breath ends . no matters where we are n what we are hope meeting all t108 guys throughtout my life.u can reach me @ my mail id angelinrose@gmail.com for any help.

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