Kaunhara Ghat

Quite often i heard the name “KAUNHARA GHAT” in my home town Hajipur as a sacred place for worship and specialy for Ganga Sanan on Purnima.People of Hajipur treats this ghat as more sacriligious because of lord Vishnu visits to this place, long centuries back.

They relate it with the story of two brother. The elder one was humble and a great worshipper of lord vishnu, while the younger one was greedy and ill-natured.

Both of them had fight over the land.Younger tried his best to get more piece of land than his brother and he managed to get it, as the elder one was more grace towards his younger.

In the next birth, Elder brother took birth as elephant while the younger one as crocodile.

Elephant was still a great worshiperof Lord Vishnu and used to visit kaunhara ghat for bath early in the morning and then pray lord VIshnu there.

One Early morning, when he entered in the river for bath the crocodile, who was waiting for his food, bited on his leg. Both of them had a fight for long. In the last when the elephant was about to lose, he prayed lord vishnu to save his life.

Lord Vishnu came there n cut the crocodile into pieces with his Sudarshan chakra and saved elephant`s life.

Now people relates this as “KAUN HARA” – “who lost” Elephant or Crocodile as the fight was between two, and Lord Vishnu came in between for help.

May be the story behind this would be true but there is one more strong fact behind the Name KAUN HARA.

KAUN HARA GHAT resides on the bank of river GANDAK and GANGA (how?? mixed water of both).

Actually River GANGA Comes from west and River GANDAK comes from north. They Both meets making Right Angle. In Hindi we call it “KONDHARA”. This name was given long time back in 5th century.Nows a days because of so many changes in spoken Hindi since that time, the name Changed from KON to KAUN and DHARA to HARA. So called KAUN – HARA 🙂

People of Hajipur feels to have a nice time near KAUNHARA ghat on every pornima and specially during KARTHIK PURNIMA and above all the Ghat gets decorated on the auspicious occassion of CHAAT puja.

But i noticed a more good reason to see this place. If we move a little bit further from this place towards Patna, one can find the just belows Gandhi Setu Bridge(which connects Hajipur and Patna) the water is having mixture of 3 river GANGA, GANDAK and SON.


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