Kabhi Alvida Na Kahena

I saw  Movie named “Kabhi Alvida Na Kahena” by Karan Johar.

Totally different movie from the past ones. I dont know why Karan had shown a different kind of emotion this time. The movie is totally based on the Western culture. Where people ends up there relationship ,as its not working fine. Not even giving second chance to make it up. It shows only one thing and that is how to break relationships and carry on with the new one. If we see in our life, then surely somehow somewhere we are also doing the same somewhere, but for the sake and happiness of that person.

In India we used to give more priority to the new realtionships like marriage, not to end up easily but to give more chances to amend it and to give a new start.

Somehow we can say its “FAMILY FIRST”.

This is the thing which break up old and make up new relationships in life.

so no ALVIDA to those who are in past and in present, as they are always somewhere in HEART,MIND and SOUL.


6 विचार “Kabhi Alvida Na Kahena&rdquo पर;

  1. Heard lots of comments about this movie…postive and negative…

    My thoughts are:

    The movie is based on reality that is happening NOW in India and in FIji, not to mention all over the world!!! Our Indian society and culture is very good at protraying a blissful happy marriage after courtship (majority of the Indian cinema is based on boy meets girl, get married and live happy ever after). Now, we all know that is bakwas. Also, our Indian culture and society is good at expressing their negative views when someone expresses their opinion thru cinema as Karan Johar did.

    Come on guys, we live in the millenium. This is happening now what KANK is all about. We as Indians tend to live in denial with what is happening all over the world including India and Fiji. Homosexuality is to name just one. So many homosexuals in our countries but, we tend not to accept it. Everyone in this world have the ‘right’ to choose. Afterall, we live only once! Why not be happy with what choices we make in life?? And we wonder why our countries (Fiji and India) are so backwards. Just think ‘outside of the box’ for once. Not to saying forget the culture but, be open to all point of views and opinions which is being portrayed thru Bollywood Cinema!!! Whatever choice one makes in life, should be…what makes that individual happy. Why worry what your neighbor has to say??? They don’t pay your bills!!!

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