Saturn in eight house from Lagna

Today after long time, getting time to write something on my favorite topic- Astrology.

Here we go-

What i going to do is asking people to share their experience on Saturn in eight house from lagna in their horoscope. And how was their experience, when saturn mahadasha  would have started. Also if possible do share the degree of saturn and nakshatra and pada, where saturn in placed in eight house.


Ideally, 8th house represents transformation and longevity. It also represents mystic, life under ground.

Saturn is the karaka( represents) of 8th house. 8th house is supposed to be the headquarter of Saturn.

It would more good to share more good and positive points of saturn. How Time and Discipline are the factors for Saturn.

Share your chart details, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth for more details.

Lets learn through sharing.


Courtralam, TamilNadu, India

Three and half hours journey from Madurai to Courtralam is beautiful.With hills and paddy field around, one will enjoy the scenic beauty. Once you reach Courtralam, there are many falls to enjoy. Most rejuvenating  and enjoying ones are Courtralam main falls and Five falls.

It is called Natural Spa of South India by many. As per my experience, its true. Once can easily notice the cheerfulness in everyone around you. I felt amazingly light. For me its a chance to be one with nature and its pleasing.

Water has some medicinal effect, as said by many. Due to herb plants  in forest, through which the river water come across and final come down as falls.

Best time to visit is rainy season. But i made my visit on 27 decmeber and water was there in average. Posting the picture as below.

Five Falls Courtralam

Review: Sumadhura Silver Ripples, whitefield, bangalore

Location : Nallurahalli, Borewell road, Whitefield

Pros: Quality, Home Automation provided, Video door bell, High rise 14 floors, location, good architecture design, followed the standard, near by nallurahalli lake.

Cons: Road traffic in front at peak hours, But road widening is going to happen soon.


sq ft rate at present close to 4799.

Possession by 2016 December

Review: Sumadhura Pranavam

Location : Hoodi, Whitefield

Pros: location, quality work from builder, Pre-EMI scheme from buidler, promise of on time delivery,OC

Cons: High Tension Wire moves at south part of the property, but does not move across any apartment. Its over the children play area and badminton court.

Builder provides two option: a) Pre-EMI taken care by builder for 15 months, initially have to pay on 10%. After 15 months, you have to pay another 10% and bank have to disburese remianing 80%. At present sq.ft rate is  4799.

Minimum sq. ft area 2BHK – 1075, 1150,1136,1164,1195,1258

2BHK+Study-  1418,1515,1605,1628,1670,

3BHK- 1688,1725,1775,1790,1880

possession by June 2017

Remembering School Teachers

Om Guruve Namah!!!

Remembering my school teachers.

Manoj Sir

Sujata Chandra Mam

Shalini Vatsa Mam

BK Singh Sir

SK Mishra Sir

Janardhan Singh Sir

SS Mam

Neeraj Sir

Udit Narayan Sir

Amritha Priyamvada Mam

Mitra Mam

RS Mam

Raj Kumar Sir

Pandey Sir

KP Singh Sir

RN Sir

Executing perl script from Java webapp project in Eclipse

I was trying to execute a perl file from my java project. But was unable to execute it even though calling it directly from the browser.After several investigation, I found the below point to be undertaken while executing the perl file from Java project in eclipse.

1) The perl file should be placed inside the cgi folder inside WEB-INF folder i.e /WEB-INF/CGI/your perl file.

2) The permission of the perl file should or say must be 755 i.e the command you have to execute on terminal or Dos prompt be :  chmod 755 yourperlfile 


Now you can call your perl file in browser or in your program and it will execute smoothly.

Hope this will save your time.